Abacus International Worldwide Marketing, Inc.

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"Where Quality Is What Counts!"



Abacus International Worldwide Marketing, Inc. (AIWM, Inc.) gives you access to a professional consultant and trainer who will work primarily for you.  Whether your marketing needs are simple or complex, your budget large or small, Abacus works with you to train and empower your  personnel. Abacus will assist in developing a customized marketing plan designed to catapult your business to its greatest potential.


The countless services that Abacus offers are structured to the individual needs of your business.  From motivational seminars and tradeshow representation to training sessions, Abacus prepares your business for success.


Personnel evaluations, conflict resolution methods, and other ways of increasing the efficiency and productivity of your staff are just a fraction of what Abacus provides.


New paradigm strategies and techniques are implemented to sharpen that competitive edge which has become so vital in today's fluctuating market. 


With experience in both the national and international marketing industry for over two decades, Abacus will help you determine which type of training program will most benefit your business. 


As each project accepted by Abacus is as unique as the clients who call upon our expertise, the cost of our service is within the reach of any realistic budget.  Repeat customers look upon Abacus as one of their smartest investments.  With respect to affordability, many have come to realize that they can't afford not to seek the services of Abacus.  An intelligent decision to take action and attain greater market share must be followed by the proper steps to provide your customers with the finest trained personnel your industry has to offer.


When you are serious about your personal success... the next step is Abacus.