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How we feel about our personal and business relationships often determines how we feel about ourselves.  In the same manner in which a physical trainer helps to tone and strengthen your body, a Personal Growth Advisor helps to improve and strengthen you on both an emotional and spiritual level.


Through private counseling sessions many unresolved issues, which hinder your ability to reach your maximum potential for happiness and success, can be addressed and finally resolved.  In order to deal with more complex situations involving others, group counseling sessions for families and couples have also resulted in improving relationships and helping to accelerate the healing process. 


A Personal Growth Advisor can provide guidance and comfort with respect to deeply personal subject matters such as dealing with grief, depression, and anxiety as well as empowering and motivating you to realize your greatest objectives.  Using variations of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and standard methods of communication such as positive affirmation and self-analysis, your Personal Growth Advisor will guide you through your individual "thought process" to ultimately enable you to empower yourself as you enhance your level of self-awareness.  Stop "suffering in silence" or accepting anything less than complete "inner-peace" and "self-confidence".  Call and schedule an appointment today.

Personal Growth Session